About me

I’m a photographer specialised in commercial work, adventure, sport and destination wedding photography, based on the Norwegian west cost. 

Before I went into full time photography, I used to work as a rope access manager on oil rigs on the north sea, That experience and the responsibility I had for my team, made me grow as person and is something I take advantage of today in my photography business.

I’m also a proud member of the Norwegian alpine rescue group, which I think is a nice way for me to give back something to the climbing community I’ve been part of for so many years.

This site is all about my sport and adventure pictures. In here you will find climbing pictures from all around the world, lots of skiing and bike images from my backyard and rest of Norway. So if you are more interested in seing some of my wedding images, please head over to my Norway wedding photography site to have a look at some of the awesome couples i have been so lucky documenting trough the years. 

In fall 2015 I published my first book called Romsdal Exposed. A huge coffee table book about climbing, biking, skiing and running in Romsdal. The project of collecting images took us almost five years and endless trips to the mountains, and it wouldn’t be possible to accomplish without the support from all the amazing athletes and friends that joined us on the adventure. 

As a photographer I have been lucky to do editorial and commercial assignment for amazing companies like Shell, Network Norway, Helse Midt Norge, Devold, FRAM and Tine to mention a few and you can see some of the work I have done for them here on my site. 

Even climbing is my long time passion in life and I love being out there with a camera taking rock climbing images, I lately found myself more and more doing other things like biking, running and skiing. That again have led me to take more ski images, trail running images, mountain bike images and also a few images of BASE jumping. All this images are available for fine art prints, commercial and editorial licensing. 

Taking the images on this site have been an amazing journey for me and I’m looking forward to see where it takes me next. Hope you like them and that the images inspire you to follow your dreams and get out there on your own adventure. I also hope they engage you enough to contact me here, follow my insta, or just say hello if we cross paths. I’d love to hear from you.