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I’m an outdoor sport, adventure and destination wedding photographer based out of Norway with a true passion for climbing, biking and skiing. I am also an avid traveller with stock images spanning the globe. I am available for travel assignments worldwide. Interested in seeing some of my best wedding images from Norway, please visit my Norway wedding photography site.

Sport and Adventure Photography

Climbing has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, and my experience with climbing is something I take advantage of as photographer when I need access to unique and exciting angles to photograph from. It also comes in handy when I’m taking rock climbing images, pictures of BASE jumpers and sky runners on exposed places, or when I’m out on some steep slope taking ski images.


I love being outdoors and in the mountains, so during winter when the conditions aren’t ideal for trail running and biking, I spend as much time as I can skiing and doing ski photography. Norway has some of the most amazing fjords and mountains in the World so it’s easy to find inspiration to take ski and adventure images.


Lately I have been more into biking and bike photography so my stock collection of bike images from Norway is constantly growing.


In 2015 I published my first book called Romsdal Exposed. It is a coffee-table book about rock climbing, ice climbing, alpine climbing, BASE jumping, trail biking and mountain running from the mountains in Romsdal.


In a review the famous Norwegian adventurer Stein P. Aasheim wrote this about the book: “Romsdal Exposed is simply the most magnificent book ever published about mountain sports in Norway”.


My lifestyle and sport images have won several awards and have been used for advertising and been published in different media like newspapers, magazines, guidebooks, boards, webpages, campaigns and more.


All of my images on this site are available for licensing, so if you need some lifestyle or adventure pictures, please contact me for details.



Are you looking for someone who is willing to go the extra mile to get the perfect shoot for your next project? If so, I’d love to hear from you.

Corporate Photography

An appealing and comprehensive profile that stands out in the crowd is important for companies. Getting good product and advertising images is the first step to archive this. I have extensive experience with corporate photography and some of my clients are companies like Shell, Devold, Network Norway, Helse Midt Norge, FRAM, Tine to mention a few. I can provide you with professional environmental portraits, headshots, products pictures, pictures for editorial, web site and advertising use. Feel free to contact me for an informal and friendly chat. Together we can come up with something unique and special for you and your project

Offshore Photography

Before I went into full time photography, I was working as a rope access manager on oil riggs in the north sea. It was a lot of responsibility but it taught me about safety and working in industrial environments, and is really helpful to me now, when I’m out shooting Industrial assignments.



If you need someone with experience, that can travel offshore to take offshore images, feel free to contact me.

Drone Photography

Drones has opened up for new and cheaper possibilities when it comes to getting aerial images, but there are requirements for certification if you are going to fly drones commercially in Norway.



If you need images from some inaccessible place or want aerial images or movies, i can offer certified drone photography. I’m approved by the Civil Aviation Authority to operate RPAS operations in Norway in class RO2.

Wedding Photography Norway

In 2008 I shot my first wedding in Norway, and today at least 150 weddings and close to 500,000 images later, I still feel the same excitement before every wedding i shoot.


I like to look at wedding photography as a storytelling where I am present, and in a subtle way document the day as it unfolds for the bride and groom. I want to be there to capture genuine and spontaneous moments between the couple that cannot be reconstructed.


If you would like to see some of my wedding photos, feel free to take a look at my Norway wedding photography site:

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